So I left this blog project to die a bit over the past few months, mainly becuase of the intensity of my coursework this semester. As I procrastinated a reading for my Environmental Governance course today, though, I decided to log in to WordPress and see how the blog was doing. Things were pretty routine: ~5 hits per day, almost entirely on my Volcanoes and Climate Change post or “About Me” page. But sometime in February, I got a massive surge in hits – like ~200-300 per day for a while, still mostly directed at that volcano page. I’m not sure where it’s all coming from, although my name seems to be a very popular search on WordPress during that time.

The episode leaves me enthusiastic. I think I’m going to take some time out of my schedule and try to keep this blog regularly updated from now on. I’m also going to shift its focus from just climate science to incorporate discourse analysis related to the climate change debate. I’ll try to post something interesting later tonight, after Orchestra rehearsal, on the Heartland Institute’s climate change conference and what Dryzek coins the “Economic Rationalism” discourse with respect to environmental politics.

~ by counters on March 9, 2009.

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