Resources on the CAM

First post in a while, but unfortunately it’s more for me than anyone else. The following is a compliation of links to various documents I need to be able to access quickly while I’m working with the CAM. I’ll write a short description of each in case anyone else is interested in diving into them.User’s Guide to the CAM 3.0: The overall operations manual for the CAM. If you’re interested in seeing what a climate model looks like, check out Section 1.1.2 and download the source. You’ll need to open the .f90 (FORTRAN) subroutines in a text editor; I usually use nano or emacs depending on the machine I’m on.

  1. ‘configure’ and Environment Variables
  2. Run Script Samples
  3. Config Details
Scientific Description: Details the ensemble of equations used in the model. Pretty complicated; I need these:
  1. Euler
  2. Semi-Lagrangian
  3. Finite Volume
Control Data: Sample data sets for control purposes. I need the model to run correctly before I can tackle my work.

~ by counters on October 7, 2008.

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