Still In Limbo

So I’m still attempting to dissolve back into the undergraduate lifestyle, but things remain difficult due to this annoying housing situation. At the very least, there is some good news: I’ve just about finished lining up an awesome research project which should involve a great deal of hands-on work with a coupled climate model. I’m likely going to be studying natural forest fires and the after-effects of the carbon and aerosols which they inject into the atmosphere, which sounds extremely interesting. Alternatively, I may develop some diagnostic packages for certain models which are used to publish products to the public, although this was sort of a last minute idea.

All in all, there should be some awesome things for me to write about. One such subject is my Meteorological Observation and Instrumention course, which should provide a wealth of material.

Stay tuned! There’s plenty of great stuff to come over the next few months. As soon as I jump across this housing hurdle, things will really start to flow!

~ by counters on August 31, 2008.

One Response to “Still In Limbo”

  1. Haven’t seen you in awhile in the wunderblogs. I was surfing around and saw your handle in Watts blog about the press conference of the sun god, or whatever it is they’re doing over there at NASA. Didn’t know you had your own page.

    See ya around.


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