Go Elvis!

Throughout my elementary, middle, and early high school careers, I spent a whole lot of time in the water, swimming for either my sub-division’s summer team, the infamous Lakeside Swim Club, duPont Manual High School, and at the end of my time as a swimmer, another smaller club called the Tritons. In all honesty, I was never really very talented as a swimmer; I was always one of the older people in my training groups, and although I managed to pull out good state-level qualifying times, they would come too close to my “age-up” birthday, which was unluckily just a month before the state meet each year.

I mention Lakeside as an “infamous” swim club because it has generated a great deal of talent. Six of my former teammates were at the Olympic Trials this year (as a matter of fact, 4 of them were teammates of mine on my High School team); many of them have participated in the SEC National meet. And, this year, two of them will be competing for the USA Women’s team.

However, I found out just recently that a third teammate will be at the Olympics… however, he’ll be competing on the Bahamian team! My friend Elvis Burrows will be representing the Bahamas and competing in the 50-meter Freestyle next week – an event which, I daresay, I could best him in about a decade ago! Elvis seems to be having an excellent career as a swimmer for the University of Kentucky, excelling in another event which I distinctly remember him dominating in when we were young, the 100-meter Butterfly.

Anyways, I’m ecstatic that a former teammate who I spent much time training with has achieved such this great honor; Good luck, and go Elvis!

~ by counters on August 8, 2008.

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