Feedback needed on official Climate Change Document

Anthony Watts is hosting a call for the public to review and comment on the Unified Synthesis Product being produced by the NASA Climate Change Science Program to guide policymakers on the facts about global climate change and its regional impacts. I urge anyone who stops by to check out the document and browse it. If you find any mistakes – such as ambiguous language, points that should be clarified, or ideas that should be extrapolated or omitted – please follow the link here to officially comment on the document.

I’m very worried that many of Mr. Watts readers will abuse this opportunity to take part in a sort of “open source peer review”. While I respect Mr. Watts, his regular commenters fall squarely in my “denier” category (i.e., they are not legitimately “skeptical”); they are often ignorant of climate science and continuously promulgate false statements. I’ve expressed my concerns in the comments, but Mr. Watts is dead set on sic-ing his readers on the NASA CCSP team. I feel sorry for them; they’ll likely have to swim through a deluge of ignorant, unnecessary e-mail railing on how the Mann reconstruction is false, or there has been a slight temperaure decrease if you track trends starting in the uber-El Nino year of 1998.

This is a great opportunity to be part of the scientific process, and possibly be cited for your efforts in improving the document. I’d recommend anyone with available time to try to comment in a constructive manner.

~ by counters on August 7, 2008.

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