Study: U.S. worst of G8 in addressing warming

Next week, the G8 will meet, and it seems that the mitigation of climate change will be a major issue of talk. Ahead of the meeting, “Climate Scorecards” done by the G8 illustrate what many American AGW advocates already know: the United States has done worse than make no progress on mitigating CO2 emissions, we’ve actually enhanced them!

The scorecard ranked the United States, Canada and Russia at the bottom, saying they had “failed the test.”

“The United States scores the worst of all G8 countries, being the highest emitter with the highest per capita emissions and an increasing trend in total emissions,” the report said, giving the U.S. “red” ratings in 11 of the 12 categories.

What’s really at risk here in the short term, though, isn’t climate change. The United States should be a superpower whose decisions influence and lead the rest of the world. However, our ignorance on the AGW issue and lack of desire to do anything about it could lead to a further loss of US leadership in the global community (as if the Iraq War wasn’t enough):

Joachim Faber, an Allianz board member who helped compile the scorecards, said a global emissions trading market is important to fighting climate change, and that the EU should lead its development.

“The EU-specific trading system we have at the moment must serve as model system for one that we can found outside the EU, for the world economy,” he said.

This marks a radically new phase in the efforts to mitigate climate change. Recently, although the federal government has just begin to consider the issue important, many state governors have decided to take climate change in their own hands, starting initiatives such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to help reduce CO2 emissions. However, this leadership doesn’t carry the label of a united US effort, and as such hasn’t led to a following outside of the US.

The EU stepping to the plate is something that many political advocates of AGW have warned for a long time. This is another move by which the EU is superceding US dominance in global politics, and does not bode well for our future influence in the global arena. With our economy faltering, global opinions of our foreign policy and leaders at all time lows, and even internal disgust at how the country is being run, one can’t help but wonder what will happen in the coming years.


~ by counters on July 3, 2008.

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