An Introduction…

Helicity is the result of roughly six years of lurking on various internet forums/blogs/hangouts. I’ve finally reached the point where I believe I need my own corner of the internet so that I can vent and write about topics of my own interest, rather than pursue whatever topics come up on my daily survey of my favorite sites.

My name is Daniel Rothenberg, and I’m an undergraduate student at Cornell University majoring in Atmospheric Science. Problem is, meteorology is not my only field of interest; I study a wide variety of things ranging from the atmosphere to mathematics, computer science, politics, government, and policy. I hope that I can share my passion for these topics with anyone who wanders by, and perhaps pique their interest in these topics as well.

My predominant motive in establishing this blog, however, is to give myself a place where I may publish comments on climate change and related meteorological/climatological issues. I have found that instructing others and writing on topics on ones own words is the absolute, most effective way to solidify understanding of those topics, so this blog will be a tool in completing my scientific education and solidifying my comprehension of some of these controversial topics. As such, however, I’ll also post from time to time on topics that come up in my daily education as purely a learning tool.


I hope that those who stop in and take a read might learn something, as I’ve found out time and time again that you’ll always learn something new if you keep an open mind. To help facilitate this, I’ll add links of places where I learn new things daily in my Blogroll.


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